Thomas Wortley Drury

December 21, 2009


Bishop Drury

IN the long history of the See of Sodor and Man there have been but five Manx bishops, one of these being the Right Rev. Thomas Wortley Drury D.D.(b. 1848). His Lordship is a son of the late Rev. William Drury, the famous and respected Vicar of Braddan and he received his early education at King William’s College, proceeding subsequently to Christ’s College, Cambridge, where he graduated in 1870. coming out twenty-fifth Wrangler. In 1871 he was ordained, and became Curate of Braddan.

In 1873-76 he was a mathematical master at King William’s College, and from 1876 to 1882 he was Rector of Holy Trinity, Chesterfield. Afterwards he became Principal of the Church Missionary Society College, Islington (where he met George Martin Tait whose son, Arthur James Tait, was to become his son-in-law), and in 1899 he was appointed Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge (succeeded by Arthur James Tait). In the summer of 1907 he had the Bishopric of Sodor and Man conferred upon him, being consecrated in York Cathedral, November 30th.


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